How to choose a Best Hair Salons in NYC to Revamp Your Look

best hair salons in nyc

Hello guys!

Are you looking for the hair services to enhance your appearances? Are you looking for the best hair salons in NYC?

Hair is the most vital parts of our face. Beside protect our head from excessive heat or cold or ultra-violet ray of sun, hair keeps a significant role in escalating our looks and personality,as we are leaving in New York City we will also talk about best hair salons in nyc

Indeed, taking care of the health of your hair it is equally important to be careful about the hairstyle. Though it is alike essential to men and women, mainly a women’s hair is the first recognizable part of her face. A perfectly stylish hair helps a person to enhance her personality, give confidence and set the tone of his/her entire look. There is a saying ‘A bad hair day is equal to a bad day.’

Before sourcing an excellent hair salon, we need to know the impact of different hairstyles on our life. Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and the author of The Wisdom of Your Face, says “Your hairstyle can also reveal things about you.” In fact, as like our facial expression, hairstyle also explains our characteristics about ourselves.

Not only the facial expression, your profession what you are in (corporate job, fashion designer, sports or entrepreneurship or anything), your personality, your lifestyle affect whether or not a certain hairstyle suits you. However, the main one is the hair itself.

It is also mentionable that, a well-thought haircut will take less time to style in the morning before getting ready for the job. In our hair salon review, we try to examine the most strategic hairstyles short, medium and long for straight, curly, wavy and highly-textured (thick) hair types. Start your investigation here before making a trip to the salon to get the best haircut based on your hair types.

Straight Hair

Impact: The straight hair in curl pattern means that you are craving more fun in your life. The philosophy behind this thinking is that curling hair can create a shift of your current stage to an attractive one, because your hair becomes instantly more interesting, and you’ll able to broadcast a more positive, fun message to the viewers.

straight hair

Hairstyle Inspiration for Short-Straight Hair: A pixie cut the best match with short straight hair. However, blunt or straight across are also the suitable cut for this type. Blunt cut helps you to keep the thickness and fullness of your hair. Heavy bangs (Rose Byrne at the 2012 Academy Awards), Side bangs (Karlie Kloss at the 2013 Museum of Modern Art Film Benefit), low ponytail (Kate Mara at the 2014 Tony Awards), low bun (January Jones at the 2012 Emmy Awards) are some examples of short and straight hairstyles.

Hairstyle Inspiration for Medium-Straight Hair: For medium or shoulder length straight hair bob cut looks nice. Variation of classic blunt towards a graduated style also perfect style for medium length hair. Some more method for you with inspiration from celebrities – Center Part Choppy Layer (Olivia Munn at the 2011 premiere of ‘Contagion’), Side Part Angeled Bob (Keira Knightley at the 2011 premiere of ‘A Dangerous Method’), Deep Side Part With Height (Rita Ora at a Westfield Christmas event in 2014), , Long Side Swept Bangs (Mena Suvari at the 2012 premiere of ‘American Reunion’), Half-Up (Emma Watson at the 2013 People’s Choice Awards), Pinned On One Side (Katy Perry at the 2010 ASCAP Pop Music Awards)

Hairstyle Inspiration for Long-Straight Hair: For long straight hair blunt base with sweeping or heavy straight bang is the best. For your convenience try to find out some more examples on long and straight hair – Center Part behind the Ears (Kim Kardashian at ULTA Beauty in 2014), Off Center Part (Selena Gomez at the Alliance for Children’s Rights dinner in 2013), Deep Side Part behind the Ears (Allison Williams in the 2014 Golden Globe Awards), Face-Framing Layers (Jennifer Aniston at the Yogalosophy book launch in 2014), Half-Up (Victoria Justice at a Teen Vogue party in 2013), Braided (Isla Fisher at the ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ premiere in 2009), Side Braid (Alessandra Ambrosio at the Follow the Sun event in 2010), High Pony Tail (Cara Delevingne at the Serpentine Gallery summer party in 2014)

Updos for Straight Hair: Updos is a most common hairstyle for straight hair with a classic or low ponytail. It requires less time to set and works for almost any occasion. Choose vbstudionyc for the best affordable hair salons nyc.

Wavy Hair

Impact: Those who have wavy hair are generally energetic, strong willpower and profoundly emotional kind. Wavy haired people love to spend some moments alone in a day. Also, they love freedom, their hairstyle is wild nature, which makes them polygamous. Overall they are creative and highly emotional personality.

Wavy hair

Hairstyles for Short-Wavy Hair: Center Parted Bob (Beyoncé at the 2014 Topshop and Topman flagship opening dinner), Deep Side Part (Rosamund Pike at the 2015 SAG Awards), Braided (Carey Mulligan at the 2010 Toronto press conference for ‘Never Let Me Go’), Side-Swept (Jennifer Lawrence at the 2015 Cannes party for ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1’).

Hairstyles for Shoulder Touched Wavy Hair: Center Parted Lob (Lily Collins at the 2013 Glamour Women of the Year Awards), Deep Side Part with Height (Margot Robbie at the 2014 Critics’ Choice Awards), Choppy Bangs (Halle Berry at the 2015 unite4: humanity event), Side Bangs (Marion Cotillard at the 2013 Cannes photocall for ‘Blood Ties’), Half-Up Bun (Kate Mara at the 2014 Humane Society 60th Anniversary Gala), Half-Back (Alexa Chung at the 2015 Louis Vuitton ‘Series 2’ exhibition), Pinned on One Side (Morena Baccarin at the 2013 ELLE Women in Television event)

Hairstyles for Long Wavy Hair: Deep Side Part (Kerry Washington at the 2014 Women in Film Crystal + Lucy Awards), Center Part (Amanda Seyfried at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards), Side-Swept (Paula Patton at the 2013 premiere of ‘Baggage Claim’), Side Bangs (Jennifer Garner at the 2014 Toms for Target launch event), Half-Up (Bella Thorne at the 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards), Pinned Back on One Side (Lauren Conrad at the 2012 Designs for the Cure Gala), Braided Front (Kate Hudson at the 2009 premiere of ‘Nine’), Messy Braid (Nina Dobrev at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards) High Pony-tail (Doutzen Kroes at a 2011 screening of ‘La Conquete’)

Curly Hair

Impact: Curly hair peoples are love fun and warm-hearted personality. The women’s with curly hair normally more generous and they are serious about their task. They have a fire personality which traits possess leadership, love, passion, insight, dynamism, aggression, intuition, reason, and expressiveness. There also a chance of being a drama queen with this type of hairy people.

curly hair

Hairstyles that suits with Curly Hair: Side Part (Taylor Swift at the 2009 BMI Pop Awards), Bangs (Mariah Carey in a 2009 press conference for ‘Precious’), Half-Up (Jennifer Lopez at her 2012 World Tour post-party), Headed Band (Katie Cassidy at the 2009 Grammy Awards), Low Ponytail (Selita Ebanks at the 2012 BET Awards), Faux Bob (Vanessa Hudgens at the 2011 premiere of ‘Sucker Punch’), High Updo (Eliza Doolittle at the 2011 Glamour Women of the Year Awards), Top Knot (AnnaLynne McCord at the 2012 CBS and Showtime Summer TCA party)

Very Curly Hair

Impact: The women with very curly hair have strong “Mother’s Influence” on them. A perfectly rounded frizzy hairline tend to follow the rules more and be very well-mannered.

Very curly

Hairstyle: Afro (Yaya DaCosta at a 2012 Golden Globes party), Center Part (Rachelle Lefevre at the 2011 Disney ABC Winter Press Tour), Half-Back (Thandie Newton at the 2013 photocall for ‘Rogue’), High Ponytail (Alicia Keys at the 2010 BRIT Awards)

Fine-Strands Hair

Impact: If you have a medium length beautiful silky hair means you are a good thinker and value logic. They are goal-oriented, and some of them can be very competitive — they are very direct and want to get things done.

fine strands Hair

Hairstyle: Top Knot (Hannah Simone at the 2014 Courage in Journalism Awards), Low Ponytail (Beyoncé Knowles at the 2013 Grammy Awards), Deep Side Part (Elle Fanning at the 2014 Hollywood Foreign Press Association Grants Banquet).

Medium-Strands Hair

Impact: Women who have long hair with medium strands and like a wash and go style are love to keep in touch with their feelings. They usually are more romantic and more creative too.

Medium stands Hair

Hairstyle: Side Part Lob (Emma Stone at a 2014 photocall for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’), Bouncy Blow-out (Zoë Saldana at the 2010 premiere of ‘The Losers’), Slicked-Back (Marion Cotillard at the 2015 Critics’ Choice Awards), Side Part (Nicole Richie at the 2013 Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscars viewing party)

Coarse-Strands Hair

Impact: The person with coarse hair usually chose a blunt cut hairstyle. They are someone who’s most likely to the point and a go-getter personality. They also value logic and goal driven personality.

Coarse-Strands Hair

Hairstyle: Off Center Part (Jamie Chung at the 2011 premiere of ‘The Hangover Part II’), Bangs (Lea Michele at the 2014 final season premiere of ‘Sons of Anarchy’), Head Band (Blake Lively at the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards), Low Updo (Kat Dennings at the 2013 premiere of ‘Thor: The Dark World’)

Volume of Hair

Based on the amount of hair FIA system classified hair into three category – Thin, Normal, and Thick. If the circumference of the full hair ponytail is equal or less than 2-inch, that will define as a thin hair. If circumference in between 2-4 inch then normal hair and more than 4-inches are described as thick hair.

Thin Hair

Impact: People with light hair usually like to keep it short. Short hair person is less careful don’t fuss over things in life. It also means you’re usually less in touch with feelings. If you have thin hair, the chances that you are an alluring which means that you are not entering into any extreme situation and that you like to conserve your energy more.

Thin hair

Hairstyle: Choppy Bangs (Bryce Dallas Howard at the 2013 premiere of ‘Thanks For Sharing’), High Updo (Zoë Saldana at the 2014 Step Up Annual Inspiration Awards), Low Ponytail (Lucy Hale at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards)

Normal Hair

Impact: People with standard healthy hair care less about any style, just left it as it is. Those are usually given priority to others need first.

Normal hair

Hairstyle: Center Part (Devon Aoki at the 2013 amfAR Inspiration Gala), Head Chain (Vanessa Hudgens at a 2011 Pure Nightclub event), Heavy Bangs (Jessica Biel at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards), Bangs (Anna Faris at the 2014 Grammy Awards)

Thick Hair

Impact: Having thick hair indicate that you are with a strong personality and willpower person. The long and thick hair means you tend to have much energy. Having thick hair could also mean you have a lower sex drive.

thick hair

Hairstyle: Textured (Julianne Hough at the 2012 Grammy Awards), Deep Side Part (Camila Alves at the 2011 Heart Truth Red Dress collection), Side-Swept (Maya Rudolph at the 2012 Oscars), Low Side Bun (Rebecca Gayheart at the 2010 premiere of ‘Burlesque’)

We discussed above some of the most precious hairstyles which introduced by the famous hair stylist of Hollywood. If you desire to implement one of those on your beautiful hair, you will never find them in any cheap hair salons in New York. Adaption of style depends on ‘Who does your hair?’ so my opinion is to visit the best hair salons in NYC by research on online or as per recommended by your friends or family member who already have experience on it.

As a brief, we can say that a right hairstyle can express the following impressions about yourself to others –

  • It enhances the eternal beauty
  • Judge whether you are a professional or a bum
  • Give confidence
  • Complements about your features
  • Describe how careful you are about yourself
  • The right hairstyle can act as complements all after wearing a simple dress
  • Makes you memorable to other easily

The reason behind describing all above is providing a synopsis of how a hairstyle impact on our lifestyle. To shape your hair according to your personality and desire you need to build a relationship with a hairstylist. Now, the question is that ‘where you find the famous hair, stylist?

VB STUDIO Haircut and Styling Experts are always giving their best effort to shape up you 100% perfect! The perfect haircut is more than just a few snips! People love our experts. Just because, they can give the perfect match for your hair styling and colors based on your face shape.

Book an Appointment today or Visit our Salon at NYC


Famous Coco Chanel, a legendary fashion designer, well said in the quote “A woman who cuts her hair is close to change her life.” Overall every woman loves to play with her hair in several ways, a sober ponytail for working environment, fashionable looks for the evening party, a precisely tied bun for a formal get-together, etc. So, would you like to intensify your beauty? vbstudionyc is the best hair salons in nyc for coloring. However, before moving onto that, let see first-

How to get a convincing haircut from your famous hair stylist to keep an eye on the following eight steps?

  1. Do Your Homework

I might be wrong, but I believe that you never buy a fashionable luxurious dress without spending a bit of time for thinking. Eventually, you should pay more attention to your hairstyle before going to cut your hair. Otherwise buying a costly dress might not bring a pleasant look. Before choosing your barber, you should study on them or check other alternatives.

High expense always may not return excellent quality, so by spending more on your hairstyle will not leave you a sound nap all the time. Of contrast, pay a visit in the nearest cheap hair salon or taking advantage of cheaper cuts by apprentices is risky.

So, before visiting any beauty salon, check out there decoration and atmosphere physically, you may spend some time on the internet to review related promotions or take a suggestion from your friend who has a good sense on the hairstyle.

do your home work

  1. Consider the Shape of Your Face

Hair cutting is always thrilling, once you cut it down it is difficult to re-back. Only an expert hairstylist can discover the best suitable haircut based on your shape of the face. We all are coming with different face shapes like square, round, oval, or heart-shaped. The top cut salon can help you to figure out the best look for you.

You can determine your face shape based on your jawline. If your jawline extended towards the sides, you have a square face. If your jawline rounded from your cheek to your ears, you have a round face. If your chin is a bit pointy and your jaw slightly goes up at an angle, you have an oval, and if your chin is the pointiest part of your face and your jawline curves in, you have a heart-shaped face.

shape of face

Choose your hairstyle according to your cut, among other shapes if you have oval then you are in the advantageous stage, as any style fit with your face comfortably.

  1. Texture of Hair

Similar to the shape of your face, the texture of hair is also an essential feature to consider before cutting your hair. If you choose a hairstyle like Julianne Hough who had a thick textured hair, but your hair is thin, then that will not go with your style. However, if you have a strong desire to a particular hairstyle, then you can take a suggestion from hair expert of the best hair salons in NYC. If you desired to get a long thick hair, you could eat a healthy diet like egg, protein and dairy product upon the suggestion of ‘who cuts your hair?

  1. Be on Time

Be late in a party might be considered as a fashion but late in a hair salon is not a wise decision. Trendy hair salons are always run on their time. Once you fix an appointment, they set your time. Because of late present ultimately you cut your own time which leads to wrong or unfinished haircut.

Try to reach your selected salons in the city at least ten minutes earlier. It will help you to get the best possible service from your hairstylist, as she/he do not need to rush or reshuffle their schedule. To get the service as per your desire, you can also take long enough appointment from your favorite hairstylist.

  1. Season

Depends on seasonality you can change your hairstyle for comfort. In summer if you follow bob cut, it will be more convenient to wash, and style. Humidity is high in summer, in contrast, winter is dryer. Based on season to the care for your hair, you can use different shampoo or conditioner.

You can also visit your nearer hair salons in NYC for affordable hair treatments as per your desire.

  1. Versatility of Hairstyle

Based on mood, lifestyle, and types of hair you can select your hairstyle. A single haircut may not suitable for all condition, like in the morning when you go for work and the evening when you join any party the hairstyle for both the place may not be the same. So the frequency of changes your hairstyle is one prerequisite to choose a haircut. For the better solution, you can take expert advice from VB Studio one of the best hair salons in NYC.

Before proceeding a high tops haircuts a professional barber or hairstylist ask you – “Did you blow dry your hair or air dry? Do you spend long hours at work? Do you do work in a corporate office job? Are you in the creative industry? These are big-picture questions. Once the hairstylist gets ideas about you, then she/he can move onto how to customize their clients cut to help them communicate to the world their best self.

  1. Show and Tell

Seeing on believing – it is always more effective to communicate with someone with some specific medium. There is a chance that you ask your hair stylist for one design, but he/she misunderstood you and cut extra which may lead to a poor haircut instead of good. Eliminate this miss-communication it is better to show any photographs of your desired hairstyle to your barber. Moreover, the double check will give you perfection.

  1. Final Touches

Keep last ten minutes for finishing touches like trimming the end part of your hair or taking advice from your hair stylist how you maintain your style at home. “One piece of advice that I cannot stress enough is that if you want a specific style, but you are not sure how to achieve it, just ask,” says Stevens. “Most stylists will happily show you which products to use and how to achieve the look for yourself at home.”

After choosing your preferable hairstyle, now it is time to find a perfect hairstylist and salon in the city as per your desire. However, this is the real tuff job, as there are more than 3000 beauty salons listed in NYC (source:, all are shout they are the best. In this stage you can walk into two different way – one ‘check and select’ and another hear the voices of the horse’s mouth or visit online pages.

In the case of ‘Check and Select’ you must have strong patience and willpower. Similar to dating, you have to play in this field a little, get together a couple of times, envisage your options, and finally decide whether they are worth for settling down or not. This process is a bit arduous, but once you meet the one, there is no turning back. However, there is a fair chance to experience the horrible haircuts in your first visit. In a survey conducted on British women’s in 2013 found that the relationship with hairstylist lasts longer than their marriages. Oops!

In comparison to above the second option is much more comfortable and time-saving, you have to find someone nearby you who has a good experience on nice hair salon or visit famous websites on beauty salon and haircut.

From above I took the second option as I am not risking my beautiful hair. I’m visiting VB Studio on a regular interval. It’s a unique experience for me all the time. Immediate after you check in, they offered a beverage either hot or cold coffee, wine/cocktail or organic green tea, gives you a pampered feelings. The environment is relaxing and fantastic. After a while, my hairstylist welcomed me and sat me down first then listen to me what I precisely wanted to do to my hair. After we went over the type of cut, I wished we be off to the shampoo/conditioner. As I took my chair, I laid back while a hot towel met my neck and the tranquility set taking entrance. I’ve had my hair by old hand many times however never like this before.

VB Studio Haircut and Styling Experts are always giving their best effort to shape up you 100% perfect! The perfect haircut is more than just a few snips! People love our experts. Just because, they can give the perfect match for your hair styling and colors based on your face shape.

In a friendly midtown setting, they offer haircuts and styling, deep conditioning and hair-repair treatments, as well as they are the best balayage in new york city, every kind of blonde, and high-impact (or subtle pastel) original color. You can visit their website to get a full list of services with a price.

In my experience, it is the best Hair Salons Services in NYC to Revamp Your Look.

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